Universal Music Lawyers Not Laughing At Peanuts-smiths Mashup

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He was a founding member of the Elements String Quartet and has played with members of the Cleveland, Tokyo, Juilliard, and Emerson Quartets. He received a Bachelor of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music and a masters degree from the New England Conservatory, both with the highest honors. He is currently cellist for the Oracle Trio, the Queens Chamber Band, and the New York Chamber Soloists. Hui-Mei Lin, a native of Taiwan, received her bachelors degree from the Hartt School of Music, earned the William Petchek full scholarship to the masters program at the Juilliard School, then received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Graduate School of the City University of New York. She made her New York solo debut at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall as the winner of the Artists International Competition, and she has toured to Italy, Canada, and various cities in Taiwan. She is on faculty at the Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. David Macdonald holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from The Manhattan School of Music, an M.F.A. from SUNY Purchase, and a B.A. from St. Johns College. He is a co-director of the Locrian Chamber Players contemporary music ensemble. Commissioners of his music include The Elements Quartet, The Queens Chamber Band, the New Hudson Saxophone Quartet, and Zero Gravity. His works have been performed by The Chappaqua Orchestra, by Collegium Westchester, on The Hartford Commissions Concert (in Merkin Hall), by Genealogies (in Rock Hall, Philadelphia), by The OWU NOW festival (Ohio), and on recitals in Chicago, Santa Fe, Israel, and Taiwan. He regularly contributes music to productions of The Actors Company Theater in New York. He teaches at The Manhattan School of Music in the Theory and Composition Departments and is the director of music at Pleasantville Presbyterian Church in Pleasantville, New York.

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LoPrete started a Tumblr page called This Charming Charlie in early August, posting cleverly altered panels from old Peanuts comic strips. Instead of author Charles Schulz ‘s words, the dialogue bubbles contained snippets from songs by the English pop band The Smiths . It was an inspired pairing. The Smiths’ melodramatic lyrics (sample: “Now I know how Joan of Arc felt”) become even more hyperbolic and funny when delivered by Charlie Brown as he sits up in bed at night, or by Snoopy sitting on his doghouse. LoPrete’s Tumblr feed has essentially one joke, but for fans of The Smiths (myself included), it’s a good one. But the music publishing arm of Universal Music Group, one of the three major record companies, apparently doesn’t find that joke funny anymore. Or at least its lawyers don’t. Last week, LoPrete posted a note on her page saying that she was going to have to stop the simulated music in the face of a growing number of requests from Universal Music Group to remove the material from Tumblr. She’d received a total of six takedown notices for three separate posts, and said more were coming in every hour. She’s received an outpouring of support online, though, and is pushing back. On Monday, her lawyer filed a counter-notice with Tumblr asking that the three posts be restored. “These brief excerpts [from The Smiths’ lyrics] are used to transformative effect,” wrote attorney Dan Booth. “They also have no commercial purpose, and cannot have any negative effect on the market for the original works.