Somalia President: Al-shabab Could Attack The United States

Kenya Mall Attack

federal government to attempt to override state-level marijuana legalization. But in terms of the letter of the treaties, Attorney General Holder’s refusal to challenge Washington and Colorado’s marijuana policies is within bounds. 2. Can the UN punish countries that legalize marijuana? Only to a small degree. The UN International Narcotics Control Board is the keeper of the drug treaties and regularly chastises governments that violate their commitments. This can be embarrassing in international diplomatic circles, but no nation has ever collapsed due to embarrassment. Because the International Narcotics Control Board has power over the production and transport of the legal medical supply of drugs it could in theory punish a country that legalized marijuana by imposing punitive controls on pain medications. But the international humanitarian outcry over such an action would be enormous. Further, the countries that produce the most opiate painkillers are not easy to push around (e.g., Australia, India, The United States). It is thus safe to assume that crimping the medical supply of drugs is a trigger that the Narcotics Control Board is not going to pull.

Can the United Nations Block U.S. Marijuana Legalization?

intelligence officials disputed this assessment in interviews with The Daily Beast. On Monday, Rep. Ed Royce, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said, I think at this point we do not have any evidence that al-Shabab has a capability of carrying out attacks on the United States. This points to the importance of our surveillance and intelligence capabilities on the ground in east Africa because there are a number of Americans who have joined the group. Mohamuds government, which was ++recognized by the Obama administration in January after a two-decade break in formal U.S.-Somali diplomatic relations, is widely regarded to be Somalias best hope for continuing a transition to a functional democracy and reestablishing government control of the few parts of Somalia now under al-Shabab control. He says that while its true the terrorist group still calls Somalia home, its not true that the group is Somali in origin or makeup. In Shabab there are Kenyans, there are Ugandans, there are Ethiopians, there are Arabs. It is only true that they are headquartered in Somalia, but Shabab is not Somali, the president said. He said he did not know if any Americans were involved in the Nairobi attack, as the group has claimed. Al-Shabab is on the defensive inside Somalia due to the combined efforts of Somali, Ethiopian, and international forces, and the group is losing the ability to fight militarily or hold large amounts of territory, Mohamud said, but they are still very capable of attacking soft targets and using terror tactics to kill innocents. The Shabab is losing ground and they are not in a position right now militarily to take new territories. They are on the run, he said. But their threat is not yet finished. They have still training camps. They have bomb factories in very remote areas Even if we defeat Shabab militarily completely, thats not the end of the war with Shabab.

United States monetary basis wrongly structured: Bill Still

Right now the total interest level, interest on all American borrowing that is corporate, personal and governmental is nearly 3 trillion dollars. That is on a 16 trillion dollar economy. If in fact we really have a 70 trillion dollar debt, according to the University of California study, the interest payments on the debts just from the national debt would jump up to around 2 trillion. This would increase the total debt load on American society by 50 percent. This is just completely unsustainable. We are pushing the accelerator pedal down as we approach the cliff instead of backing off and going. Wait a minute, these solutions have not worked in the past. We have to think about something else. Press TV: What is the option that the US government can have? As you said, they cannot maintain this spending as they have been doing. Still: Eliminating the capability of a sovereign nation to borrow automatically eliminates deficit spending because then if the politicians want to overspend, they have to immediately increase the taxation rate and immediately suffer the wrath of the voters.