London Land Beating Luxury Homes Creates Rate Risk: U.k. Credit

Steelers make adjustments for London trip

There they will almost immediately resume preparation for their game against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday at Wembley Stadium. What effect the red-eye flight has on bodies that are highly calibrated — and need to be highly functioning by 6 p.m. London time on Sunday — is the biggest unknown with the Steelers desperate to end a three-game losing streak. The trip is going to be really tough, Steelers strong safety Polamalu said. Its going to be unlike anything weve ever experienced. Its not like going from Oakland to New York. Its just not the same. One advantage the Vikings, who have also opened the season 0-3, would appear to have is they should be adjusted to the time change by Sunday. The Vikings have been in London since Tuesday while Tomlin opted for a late arrival so he could keep the Steelers routine as normal as possible. The downside to that is the Steelers will be on 3 a.m. time Friday when they arrive in London at 8 a.m. Theres nothing you can really do to prepare for jet lag, Steelers safety Ryan Clark said. Theres nothing you can really do to prepare for that time change. Not that the Steelers wont do all they can to minimize he adverse effects on both fronts.

Putting An NFL Team In London Is Dumb. Let’s Do It Anyway.

Putting An NFL Team In London Is Dumb.  Let’s Do It Anyway.

bought a site in Londons Mayfair district to develop luxury apartments last year, using the proceeds from a 400 million-pound ($640 million) bond issue . The convertible debt, which matures in 2017, has a 1.5 percent coupon. The Bank of England last expanded its stimulus program known as quantitative easing in July last year and investors are betting policy makers will raise the 0.5 percent benchmark interest rates as early as 2015 as the recovery gathers strength. In the U.S., the Federal Reserve will take the first step to reducing $85 billion in monthly bond purchases in December, according to 59 percent of 41 economists in a Sept. 18-19 survey compiled by Bloomberg. The 10-year gilt, which yielded less than equivalent Treasuries as recently as Sept. 4, now yields 12 basis points more, according to Bloomberg data. Disorderly Unwinding A disorderly unwinding of the quantitative-easing program in the U.S. could result in home prices in the best parts of London falling as much as 20 percent, Fathom Consulting wrote in a July research report. Central London residential values have become somewhat stretched, suggesting that they are now vulnerable to correction. Not everyone agrees. Its a residential market thats driven by world city dynamics rather than by ordinary domestic factors, Simon Rawlinson, head of research at construction consultant EC Harris LLP, said in an interview.

Google Seen to Draw More Tenants to Central London

This entire fucking column is dedicated to showing you how smart all the previous columns were. Readers fairly have asked how they can know I write the words “game over” in my notebook when I believe a head coach has just made a fatal error. Ah yes, the notebook: hallowed codex of ALL football knowledge. I must know that its credibility is beyond reproach. In the North Carolina State versus Clemson contest, the Wolfpack faced fourth-and-2 on the Tigers’ 40 in the first quarter. When head coach Dave Doeren sent in the punt unit, TMQ wrote the words “game over” in his notebook and immediately tweeted that fact. Yea, verily, it came to pass that North Carolina State lost. YEA VERILY IT CAME TO PASS THAT A TOP FIVE TEAM CRUSHED A FUCKING ACC ALSO-RAN. What a remarkable act of clairvoyance. Who would have guessed such a thing would transpire? But wait more proof the system works! Bob Stevens of Jamestown, N.Y., tweeted “game over” when Michigan State, trailing 17-13, punted on fourth-and-5 from its 45 with 6 minutes remaining.